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Employment Law

Sexual harassment myth busters – types of harasser

Claims of harassment, whether current or historical, are everywhere at the moment. Regardless of your view on the legitimacy of some of these, what is undeniable is that employers can’t continue to make allowances for the types of conduct that are being reported without risking significant legal...

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Family Law

Pre-Nuptial Agreements - are they legal?

Following the recent recommendation of the Law Commission that pre-nuptial agreements should be made law, there has undoubtedly been a ...

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Business Law

Do you need a shareholders' agreement that reflects your current business structure?

Every business should consider putting a shareholder or partnership agreement in place, depending on your ownership structure. Even...

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Business Law

The key legal stages of buying or selling a business

When buying or selling a business, the legal aspects need to be addressed in order to protect both the buyer (Purchaser) and the...

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Common Law

What rights do cohabiting couples have?

Over three million people in the UK currently choose to cohabit, rather than entering into a marriage or civil partnership. While...

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No such thing as a ‘quickie divorce’

The ‘quickie divorce’ is a phrase and process allegedly reserved exclusively for celebrities and the ultra-wealthy. It is...

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Children Cases

A quick guide to child maintenance

All parents with children aged up to 16 years old have a duty to cover the cost of their children’s upbringing. This can be complex...

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