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Consumer Law

Building disputes - what can a consumer do?

Are you a consumer who's in dispute with a builder regarding work done at your property? Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, where a consumer has engaged a builder to perform services, those services must be carried out with reasonable care and skill and within a reasonable time (if a timeframe has ...

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Personal Injury

What to do if you have an accident on holiday

If you're unlucky enough to have an accident on holiday, the last thing on your mind is going to be pursuing a personal injury claim....

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Property Law

Considering purchasing a property at auction?

Buying a property at auction is not for the faint-hearted or the under prepared – once the hammer is down, you are contractually...

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Debt Recovery

A quick guide to debt recovery for businesses

One of the risks to businesses is that not all customers will pay on time.  If this happens, the outstanding debt will need to be...

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How can law firms prevent money laundering?

Money laundering has one purpose: to turn the proceeds of crime into cash or property that looks legitimate and can be used without...

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Property Finance

Ten steps to borrowing for your dream home ....

For many people, especially first-time buyers, actually getting a mortgage can be the most anxiety-inducing part of buying a home, but ...

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What if radon gas shows on my property survey?

Radon is everywhere but some parts of the country are more likely to have high levels in buildings than others. What is radon? Radon...

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