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Families at war: How to avoid disputes over wills

When a loved one passes away, it is painful enough without the added upset of a family feud over a will. Sadly, family disputes over wills are not uncommon, adding to the anguish and stress of a difficult time.  However, there are certain steps that can be taken to help prevent potential...

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Your House Move made Simple

12 common steps of a freehold property purchase

Buying a house is an incredibly exciting time, but it also has the potential to be an overwhelmingly stressful experience. To help you ...

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Tax Law

How the apprenticeship levy has affected employers and smaller businesses?

The difficulties facing employers of all sizes since the introduction of the apprenticeship levy (in April 2017) is partly due to its...

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Property Finance

On the fifth anniversary of the Help to Buy scheme, action is needed for those facing rate hikes

April 2018 marked the fifth anniversary of the HTB loan launch.  As only the first five years of borrowing are interest-free, from...

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Focus on Debt Management

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Debt Recovery

Is your business owed money?

You invoice early and chase payment to keep a healthy cashflow coming through your business, however, sometimes polite reminders...

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Debt Management

What are CCJs and why are they served?

We hear a lot about CCJs, or County Court Judgments, however, many aren’t aware what a CCJ is, what to do if you are issued with one ...

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Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery: When to call in a solicitor

Small businesses often rely on their cash flow to keep their daily operations running, which is why unpaid debts owed to such...

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