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Family Mediation

What happens if my partner won’t go to Family Mediation?

If you are recently divorced or have separated from your spouse or partner, you may be unsure how to reach agreements on areas of your life such as your children or finances.  Family Mediation could be the answer to help you reach a resolution without the need to go to court. Your spouse, however, ...

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You've heard of pre-nups; how about pet-nups ?

Family lawyers often have to deal with disputes regarding children and the sharing of matrimonial assets upon divorce, but what happens when you need advice on who would get the beloved family dog. There is in fact no specific legislation or case law that sets out how the court will deal with...

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Common Law

What rights do cohabiting couples have?

Over three million people in the UK currently choose to cohabit, rather than entering into a marriage or civil partnership. While there is no legal definition of cohabitation, it is generally understood as a couple who live together without being married. Those couples have far fewer rights and...

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