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Extradition Law

What Is Extradition?

This is a simplified collection of frequently asked questions about extradition. Extradition is a complex topic and anyone facing extradition proceedings should contact an experienced extradition specialist for formal legal advice. What is extradition? Extradition is the mechanism whereby states...

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Employment Law

The Dos and Don'ts of Staff Poaching

Companies have long eyed up competitors’ talent with a view to bringing them on board to increase their own competitiveness. However, this activity is fraught with danger in terms of potential legal consequences. There are many dos and don’ts of staff poaching. If a company has an eye on a...

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Declaring Bankruptcy

First of all, declaring yourself Bankrupt is a very difficult decision, but the very fact that you’re here and reading this may mean you’re seriously considering it. We don't want to cloud your judgement either way. Our aim is to give you information that will help you understand the process of ...

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Children Cases

Can I Take My Child On Holiday If Separated?

The short answer is no. Not without either the written consent of every person who has parental responsibility for the child or consent of the Court. This means that if you wish to take your child on holiday abroad and the other parent who has parental responsibility does not agree, then you cannot ...

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Trade Marks

Trade Marks and how they work

A Trade Mark is a word, name, symbol or visual device which distinguishes your goods and services from those of someone else, such as a competitor product or service. A Trade Mark might be a word or a phrase, or an image (such as a logo), or a combination of both. Trade Marks are often...

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News for Solicitors

Sports Media Campaign 2015

The football season is well underway, and our Sports Media campaign 'has raised its game' even further - it can now be seen by millions of fans each week! Law Plain and Simple features on corporate tv monitors on concourses and in corporate boxes at 13 football stadiums around the country,...

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