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Health & Medical Law

Health & Safety in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Health & safety can be difficult to maintain, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, but all employees are legally obliged to maintain workplace safety standards – and, thankfully, that will never change. We have assessed the industry and listed how pharmacists should adhere to...

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What to expect in a small claims hearing

A small claim will eventually be heard by a judge who will make a decision to resolve the dispute. In higher value and more complicated disputes, this is called a trial. In a small claim, it is simply called a hearing. Usually, a district judge in a local County Court Hearing Centre will decide the ...

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Extradition Law

What Is Extradition?

This is a simplified collection of frequently asked questions about extradition. Extradition is a complex topic and anyone facing extradition proceedings should contact an experienced extradition specialist for formal legal advice. What is extradition? Extradition is the mechanism whereby states...

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Employment Law

What To Do If Your Working Environment Is Unsafe

At the moment, jobs can be hard to come by – unemployment is high and on top of that employers are trying to keep their costs low wherever possible. Unfortunately this situation inevitably leads to some employers not updating and replacing equipment as soon as they should, or not providing the...

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What Is The Purpose Of A Will?

There are lots of reasons why people don’t have a Will but the majority know that they should. This article explores what a Will actually is, how it works and why it is so important… What is a Will? Essentially, a Will is a legal document to ensure your money and estate is inherited by the...

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