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Employment Law

The Dos and Don'ts of Staff Poaching

Companies have long eyed up competitors’ talent with a view to bringing them on board to increase their own competitiveness. However, this activity is fraught with danger in terms of potential legal consequences. There are many dos and don’ts of staff poaching. If a company has an eye on a...

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What to expect in a small claims hearing

A small claim will eventually be heard by a judge who will make a decision to resolve the dispute. In higher value and more complicated disputes, this is called a trial. In a small claim, it is simply called a hearing. Usually, a district judge in a local County Court Hearing Centre will decide the ...

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Common Law

The basics of Common Law

Common Law, sometimes called ‘case law’ or ‘judge-made law’ goes way back. It really started to find its feet after the Norman Conquest of 1066, replacing local law with a law for the whole of England. Before then, there was no single national legal system, just a mass of rules passed on by ...

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Extradition Law

What Is Extradition?

This is a simplified collection of frequently asked questions about extradition. Extradition is a complex topic and anyone facing extradition proceedings should contact an experienced extradition specialist for formal legal advice. What is extradition? Extradition is the mechanism whereby states...

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Road Traffic and Motoring

Has Your Driving Licence Really Expired?

In the UK, around 7% of drivers have out of date information on their driving licence, meaning they are at risk of receiving a hefty fine from the DVLA if they are stopped by the police. Over 2.6 million drivers have failed to update their current address on their licence which poses a risk of a...

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